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Secret Supper Logistics

event overview

The dinners are held on Sundays in order to accommodate the availability of participating Chef/Restaurateurs.

Guests are invited via email from a list of individuals having previously requested inclusion through Maison Madeleine’s website section titled “Secret Suppers”.  Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Seating is typically targeted for a maximum of 50 persons. However, variation of that
figure will be given consideration depending on the nature of the respective dinner event
and development of mutually acceptable conditions.

Dinners are served outdoors under the oak canopy adjacent to the rear of the main historic house. In the event of inclement weather serving will take place indoors and on its porches.

The catering kitchen located in an outbuilding, also adjacent to the main historic house, is provided for the guest chef and support staff as early in the day as necessary for prep and pre-dinner organization. It is air-conditioned and adequately equipped with a gas range, electric wall ovens, microwave, refrigeration and miscellaneous small appliances. A gas grill, smoker, pot boiler, deep fryer and a commercial crawfish cooker are located at its exterior under roof. The building also contains a restroom with shower and lounge area for the chef
and support staff’s use if desired prior to the start of service.

Although subject to creative discretion by the Guest Chef,
each dining event will typically include:

• Hand crafted event-specific cocktail, wine or soft beverage offerings to
guests upon arrival
• A variety of passed hor d’oeuvres (minimum of two)
• Four courses (inclusive of dessert) served, each appropriately paired with wines


typical dinner schedule

4:30-5:15p Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Guests free to tour property.

5:15-5:30p Seating begins.

5:30p First course served.

7:00p Last course served.

8:00p  Music ends/Guests depart.

9:00p Clean-up/Load-out complete.

Live music is performed throughout the evening, beginning at guest arrival.

event Pricing

Cost to guests per person will be all inclusive of food, entertainment, beverages, gratuities, taxes and ticketing fees as determined by
Maison Madeleine. Tickets must be purchased at time of reservation
on a non-refundable basis online through our designated vendor, EventBrite.com.

Our median price point per person is approximately $150.00
plus tax and table service fee.

provided by maison madeleine

• Historic venue and grounds
• Musician/entertainment booking fees
• Catering kitchen and food service equipment
• Grounds prep
• Set-up, take-down, clean-up, and trash removal
• Mosquito control and heating/cooling mitigation
• Tables and chairs
• China, stemware, tableware and linens
• Table decorations and event menu
• All liquor, mixers, wines, and soft beverages served*
• On-site event manager 
• 1 Hostess
• 1 Bartender/Wine steward*
• 1 Lead server and 2 skilled servers
• 1 dishwasher
• Publicity and event promotion (in conjunction and coordination
with Guest Chef/Restaurateur’s organization)

* These items are subject to negotiation in that some chefs prefer to provide
them as part of their compensation package.

catering equipment provided

expectations of guest chef/restaurateur/organization

• Restaurant and/or Catering license
• Sous chef or similar kitchen staff assistant
• FOH/Lead server/Chef liason (to whom Maison Madeleine provided servers report)
• All food provisions required for appetizers passed and courses served for 50 persons
• Verbal interaction with guests and presentation of courses as served
• Professional attire for all staff including chef’s jackets, black/white uniforms
• Clean-up, wipe down of kitchen equipment and prep area
• Final menu submitted minimum of 3 weeks prior 
• Review and final approval of Maison Madeleine suggested craft cocktail and
wine pairings two weeks prior
• . Access to Internal/External PR, Social Media management resources for
promotion coordination
• Participation in pre-service coordination meeting with Chef’s team and Maison
Madeleine event staff


compensation & terms of
payment to chef organization

• Fee, provision allowance and expense reimbursement and payment
schedule will be negotiated to mutually acceptable terms as defined
in a Chef Organization x Maison Madeleine commitment letter at
point of booking